Sigsand Manuscript


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"Baumoff had a pet aversion, an atheistic Professor of Physics, named Hautch, who ― using the 'marvellous' element of the life and death of Christ, as a fulcrum from which to attack Baumoff's theories ― smashed at him constantly, both in his lectures and in print. Particularly did he pour bitter unbelief upon Baumoff"s upholding that the Darkness of the Cross was anything more than a gloomy hour or two, magnified into blackness by the emotional inaccuracy of the Eastern mind and tongue.

"One evening, some time after our friendship had become very real, I called on Baumoff, and found him in a state of tremendous indignation over some article of the Professor's which attacked him brutally; using his theory of the Significance of the 'Darkness', as a target. Poor Baumoff! It was certainly a marvellously clever attack; the attack of a thoroughly trained, well-balanced Logician. But Baumoff was something more; he was Genius. It is a title few have any rights to; but it was his!