Sigsand Manuscript


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“What about weapons?” I asked presently. “I suppose it will be advisable to take something in that line?”
For answer Will unbuttoned his coat, and I saw the gleam of a brace of pistols. I nodded, and, going to my trunk, opened it and showed him a couple of beautiful little pistols I often carried. Having loaded them, I put them in my side pockets. Shortly afterwards, eleven chimed, and getting into our cloaks, we left the house.
It was very cold, and a wintry wind moaned through the night. As we entered the park, we involuntarily kept closer together.
Somehow, my desire for adventure seemed to be ebbing away, and I wanted to get out from the place, and into the lighted streets.
“We’ll just have a look at the statue,” said Will; “then home and to bed.”
A few minutes later we reached a little clearing among the bushes.
“Here we are,” Will whispered. “I wish the moon would come out a moment; it would enable us to get a glance at the thing.” He peered into the gloom on our right. “I’m hanged,” he muttered, “if I can see it at all!”
Glancing to our left, I noticed that the path now led along the edge of a steep slope, at the bottom of which, some considerable distance below us, I caught the gleam of water.
“The park lake,” Will explained in answer to a short query on my part. “Beastly deep too!”
He turned away, and we both gazed into the dark gap among the bushes.



"The Goddess of Death"
Written by William Hope Hodgson
Transrated by shigeyuki